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Moving can be overwhelming unless you are organized and have a plan. Here are some helpful tips to make the process go much smoother...

How To Prepare For The Move

One month before

Begin taking inventory of your possessions and decide what to move and what to give away or sell. Organize your items and decide where they will be placed in your new location.

Create a moving file for all moving-related information. Remember, many moving expenses are tax deductible, so you should save all receipts.

Determine the exact amount of the bill your employer will pay (if any). Receive moving estimates and choose a mover.

If you are moving long distance, make air, hotel, or rental car reservations.

Secure packing supplies and begin packing belongings that you don’t use daily.

Fill out a change of address card and mail it to the Post Office (also remember to fill out change of address forms for all banks, credit cards, organizations, bills, magazines, etc.)

2 weeks before

Contact the following companies to make arrangements;

Post Office
Credit Cards

Plan to use up all remaining food items including those in refrigerator/freezer.

1 week before

Call your mover to confirm the arrangements.

Identify the items that you will need and do not want packed away (typically clothes, toiletries, linens, paper goods, microwave, cleaning items, etc.) Put them aside or in a special box.

If you are doing the packing and not the mover, make sure the boxes are secure, appropriately labeled, and not too heavy.

Gather jewelry and other valuables and put them aside for your transporting later. Do not pack these valuables with your other goods.

If the mover is doing the packing on or before move day, begin making sure that the items to be packed are organized.

Make arrangements to pay your mover in cash, money order, certified check,or billing if your employer is paying and billing has been approved by both the employer and mover.

Day before

Defrost and dry refrigerators/freezers to be moved.

Make sure you have the following ready: Your moving file and all the keys you need. Any essential items you may need while your goods are in transit.

Disconnect washer/dryer (including gas hook-ups), electronics, etc and remove bulbs from lamps.

Materials For The Move

There are a few different kinds of boxes. You want to use the right boxes for the right types of items. Here is a helpful guide...

Box Size (cubic feet) Use for
Small (Book) Box 16.5"x12.5"x12.5" Books, tapes, CDs, toiletries, etc.
Medium (Linen) Box 18"x18"x16.5" Linens, sheets, towels, clothing, etc.
Large Box 24"x18"x18" Garden tools, toys, outdoor patio cushions, comforters, etc.
Dish Box 18"x18"x28" Dishes, glassware, pots, pans, figurines, crystals etc.
Wardrobe 51 x 18 x 18 coats, suits, dresses, shoes, hanging coats etc.
Lamp Box 12"x12"x40" Lamps, lamp shades
Picture Box 24"x36"x3.5" Pictures, glass frames, diplomas, mirrors etc.
Legal 24 x 16 x 11 legal size documents and files
Letter 24 x 13 x 11 letter size documents and files
Banker 15 x 12 x 10 letter/legal size files, misc. items
Mattress Cover 60"x90"  
White Paper 35"x27"  
Bubblewrap 12" Wide  
Tape 55 Yards  
Small Box 16.5” x 12.5” x 12.5”
Small boxes containing 1.5 cubic feet are ideal to pack heavy items such as books, DVDs, CDs, computer software and small kitchen appliances. Small boxes are also known as book boxes.
Medium Box 18” x 18” x 16.5”
Medium boxes containing 3.0 cubic feet are used to pack clothing, sheets and towels. Additionally, large lightweight items such as blankets and pillows can be packed in medium boxes. Medium boxes are known as linen boxes.
Large Box 24” x 18” x 18”
Large boxes containing 4.5 cubic feet are used to pack garden tools, toys, outdoor patio cushions and comforters. This versatile box may be used to pack large bulky items.
Dish Box 18” x 18” x 28”
Dish boxes are used to pack china, glassware and assorted breakables. They can also be used to pack lamps, small statues and vases. Dish boxes are also known as china boxes.
Wardrobe Box 51” x 18” x 18”
Wardrobe boxes have been designed with a metal bar used to hang clothing within the box. You can fit approximately a foot and a half of closet space into each box. Miscellaneous items such as shoes and boots can be placed in the open space in the bottom of the box. This box can also be used to hang unique items such as curtains and draperies.
Lamp Box 12” x 12” x 40”
Lamp boxes are used to pack halogen lamps, table lamps, or any lamp that can not be disassembled.
Picture Box 24” x 36” x 3.5”
Picture boxes are used to pack pictures, mirrors, diplomas and miscellaneous flat glass pieces. The number of items that are able to fit into each box depends on the dimensions of each item.
Legal Boxes 24” x 16” x 11”
Legal boxes are used to pack legal size files from your home or office.
Letter Boxes 24” x 13” x 11”
Letter boxes are used to pack letter size files from your home or office.
Banker Box 15” x 12” x 10”
Banker boxes are used to pack letter and/or legal size files from your home or office. In one direction, you can pack letter size files and in the other direction you can pack legal size files.

If you choose to do your own packing, here are some handy tips to help you pack efficiently and prevent damage...


  • Use a china box
  • Use lots of packing paper and pad the top and bottom of the box
  • Wrap individual pieces in bubble wrap
  • Use a "layering" method and separate layers periodically with crumpled paper
  • Fill the entire box before starting another box of china
  • Make sure items in the box are secure and cannot rattle and move around

Pictures and glass pieces

  • Use a standard picture box or cover both sides with cardboard
  • Place packing paper along the sides and edges of the picture
    to prevent it from moving inside the box
  • Place no more than 3 or 4 pictures in one box
  • Keep the box right side up at all times
  • Place packing paper or bubble wrap in between pictures


  • Use small book boxes
  • Reinforce the bottom of the box
  • Do not pack them so that they are
    too heavy to move


  • Try to pack Electronics, TVs,
    stereo components, computers,
    etc. in their original boxes.
  • Label all of these boxes "FRAGILE"


  • Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes
  • Put shoes in bottom of wardrobe boxes
  • Use linen or large boxes for all other clothes
Mark all cartons designating the room and contents. As you finish packing the carton, list the room location and a description of the contents on the side of the carton.

You must complete the high value inventory and notify your mover of any high value items that will be included in your shipment. Do not seal the cartons containing high value items until the mover has the opportunity to inspect the items.

Be sure to have plenty of packing paper available to fill the cartons and to act as a cushion. After the carton is full, fill in any gaps with crushed paper to prevent shifting during transport. You can also use foam-packing pellets or blankets and towels for fill.

Try to keep a per-box weight at a maximum of 50 pounds; it makes moving a lot easier for both you and your mover. Be sure that the bottoms of all cartons are taped securely and will hold the weight of the contents.

Empty drawers of breakables and liquids, and anything that would damage the piece of furniture. For example, heavy books, candles, perfumes, and glassware should all be removed prior to transport.

Similar items should be packed together. For example, delicate stemware should be packed in the same carton with your china and other fragile items, not with books or other heavy items.

Keep items that belong together in the same carton. For example, remote control and wiring for electronic equipment.

Wrap items individually in clean white newsprint. Use tissue paper for delicate china and stemware making sure that no edges, rims or corners are left unprotected.

Use colored tissue paper for small items that may be lost during unpacking.

DVD & CD Players

Before moving your DVD/CD player, there are procedures to follow which will protect your equipment from damage or mechanical failure due to normal vibrations that occur during transit.

The safest way to move your DVD/CD player is to pack it in the original box with the original packing. In the event that the original box is not available use a box large enough to fully protect the entire unit. The packing materials should fill the excess room in the box so that the player will not move during transit.

All DVD’s and CD’s need to be removed from the player prior to packing. Failure to do so may cause the disc to jam the player. The mover is not responsible for damage due to the customer’s failure to properly service the equipment prior to transport.

All wiring will need to be disconnected prior to the arrival of the moving company. If you do not have the owner's manual, draw a diagram or take a photograph of the wiring PRIOR TO disconnection. Wrap wires separately; label to identify usage and place in a plastic bag away from delicate surfaces. The wiring should go into the box with the player. This will assist you during your reconnection.

Don’t forget to pack the remote control along with the player.

Computers & Video Recorders

Pack valuable electronic equipment in original cartons when available. Otherwise, use strong, corrugated cartons and place protective padding on the bottom of the carton. Wrap an old blanket or protective pad around the item and place it in its carton. Place additional padding between the carton and the computer or video recorder. Wrap cords separately; label to identify usage and place in a plastic bag away from delicate surfaces. Non-detachable cords should also be wrapped. Place cords between the padded computer or video recorder and the carton. Be sure your personal computer is "parked" and ready for transport.

If you have a printer, pack it in its original box. Remove the ink cartridges from laser and ink jet printers. If you are moving a pin printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.

Major Appliances

Air conditioner’s, washer’s, dryer’s (electric or gas), and stove’s should be checked and serviced by your local appliance company. The mover can assist with making these arrangements.

Refrigerators and freezers must be completely defrosted one or two days prior to moving. We recommend that the inside be cleaned out with a bleach and water solution. The unit should be dried and aired to avoid mold growth and a musty odor. The mover is not responsible for damage due to climatic conditions and will not be responsible for any damage if the unit is not properly cleaned. All pans, trays, drawers, shelves, or removable parts should be removed and wrapped individually.

Television sets should be fully disconnected prior to arrival of the mover. Upon delivery, the television unit should not be turned on for a period of several hours until the temperature of the unit reaches the same temperature of your home.

It is best to make other arrangements for the transfer of certain negotiable items or articles of extraordinary value such as;

Personal documents (title, tax information etc.)
Deeds, wills and other valuable papers
Stamp and coin collections

If transporting these or any other items please list them on the high value inventory.

To guard against damage that can be caused by combustion, leakage, or explosion, we can not transport the following items in our vans;

Aerosol cans of any kind
Cleaning fluids or liquids (Tide, Cheer, Dawn, Clorox etc)
Matches and lighter fluid
Gasoline and kerosene (we can not move any containers, empty or full)
Propane tanks, (we can not move any containers, empty or full)
Paints and paint remover (mineral spirits, turpentine)
Any hazardous materials
Wine or Champaign (Items can freeze during transport in colder months)
Carbonated beverage (Items can freeze during transport in colder months)
All perishable foods (We do not transport items that require refrigeration)
Cologne and perfume can only be moved if they are sealed in plastic zip-lock bags, we are not responsible for leakage or damage to other items do to leakage.


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